Exciting beaches around Höganäs

Lebergets Campsite is situated just by the beach so there is no problem just talk walk right out in the ocean to cool down a sunny day. The sandy beach offers a relaxing holiday just around the corner.

In the municipality of Höganäs there are a lot of exciting places where you can have a bath. At Kullaberg you can go to Ransvik, where men and women where bathing together already at the end of the 19th century. A big no-no at the time. In Ransvik you go bathing directly off the cliffs and after a few swimming strokes you no longer reach the bottom with your feet.

If you are looking for a more shallow beach you should go visit Kvickbadet at the centre of Höganäs. The city beach of Höganäs offers a kiosk, a mini green golf course, outside gym, showers and plenty of space of the sandy beach. Families gathers on this very child friendly beach during the summer. The mini green golf course offers a kind of miniature golf which is more like putting on an ordinary golf course.

At Solviken in Mölle you can have a bath out of the ordinary. The grown ups can have a bath among the cliffs and for the children there is a pool surrounded by the cliffs and the ocean. A sunny day it is hard to tell if you are in Skåne or in southern Europe.

At the beaches of Vikens Havsbad, Kvickbadet, Margreteberg, Solviken in Mölle and Farhultsbaden the municipality of Höganäs makes sure the beaches are clean and that bridges and other equipment are ok throughout the whole summer.

Photografy: Solviken - The municipality of Höganäs / Photographer: Unknown

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