The swedish fika in style

In Skäret, just outside of Höganäs, you will find a café with a long history. Since 1938 the swedish fika tradition has been kept alive at this place. The swedish fika is not just a coffee brake, it is a social thing where you gather around the coffee, the cinnamon buns, cakes and cookies. At Flickorna Lundgren the fika is taken seriously, even the old king of Sweden, Gustav VI Adolf was a regular guest at this café.

Flickorna Lundgren has won awards from the White Guide, a diploma from the Swedish Academy of Gastronomy and it is a very popular place to visit during the summer. The history of the café can be seen in everything from the beautiful garden, the copper kettles and the magnificent surroundings.

The café is at its best when the sun is shining. Then you can enjoy the garden and have your coffee served among the roses. If the sun is hiding there is plenty of room in the original building, built in 1732, or in the newly built greenhouse where you can enjoy your fika among the olives, peaches and fig trees.

A visit at Flickorna Lundgren is a must when visiting Höganäs and Skåne. And who can say no to a fika?

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