Locally produced goods in Magasin 36

In Magasin 36, Höganäs Saluhall you wil find a mix of locally produced food, decor, furniture, ceramics, clothing and tons of high quality products. The old factory, where Höganäs Saltglaserat used to burn its famous pottery, is nowadays a lovely food hall with the best there is to offer around Kullabygden. Here you will find locally produced food and ecological products which will inspire you to go out on a picnic with a bottle of apple cider, cheese, a baguette and a nice salcicca in the basket. Apart from groceries, there is also a restaurant where you can enjoy a good soup, a sallad or a desert.

In these beautiful surroundings you can feel the history. The iconic ceramics of Höganäs Saltglaserat are still produced at the site. Today the clay comes from England instead of the piles around the mines of Höganäs, but the pottery is still shaped by hand and burnt here in Höganäs.

Here you will also find Höganäsgruppen who creates magnificent ceramics with a touch of gold, silver and copper. The items are made by hand here in Höganäs. In Magasin 36, Höganäsgruppen has a shop where you can buy the products.

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