Garage and Höganäs Brewery

In an old garage, in an industrial area in Höganäs, the american south has moved in. Here you can have a burger, chili or buffalo wings served together with a locally produced beer. During the summer, people gather here to enjoy the food, beer and good company. It is a piece of America mixed with the locally produced at the same time and both bikers and familes with children gather here.

Across the paring you will find Höganäs Brewery who produce the beer served at the restaurant. A sunny day a tasting right outside the brewery is recommended. The brewery has it's own farm shop selling Höganäs Folköl 3.5%, Höganäs Scoville (a beer with peppers) and lamb sausages from nearby Kullalamm.

Remember to make a reservation before your visit at Garage. During the summer the restaurant is extremelt popular and it may be wise to reserve a seat before going there. More information can be found at the links below:

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